Hua kuch yoon – Where Love knows no Borders(Review)

Hua kuch yoon - Where Love knows no Borders(Review)

They say love knows no barriers and borders, it doesn’t abide by any rules & norms. Neither does it care if you are miles and years apart, love just is. While I am at the subject, it won’t be faur if I don’t talk about this amazing play “HUA KUCH YOON” currently being staged at Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore.

Produced by the Kopykat Productions, Hua Kuch Yoon revolves around two totally opposite individuals Quratulain Haider and Raja, who differ in their opinion about almost every single thing but still they are. While it may sound like an ordinary love story, its different because during this 1 hour and 45 minutes play, they take you through a journey of life time not only these two people, but of two nations. Yes this play takes you through era of British rule in subcontinent, to independence movement, the migration, through martial law and finally landing in 2003. While we see the journey of subcontinent and Pakistan, we also go through the love story of Aini and Raja.

While the theater might sound boring and cliché, it has a different kind of feel looking at everything so up close and experiencing everything together with the characters is something you can’t get from the cinema no matter how 3D the movie is.

HUA KUCH YOON from the pen of Sajjad Hassan is a a whole experience that is definitely not one to be missed. You go through those pre partition roits and the Delhi Bazar feels. They even take you to London in this and there is beautiful dream sequence between the play which is absolutely gorgeous. Also the way they have utilized the whole theater including the steps and the seats among audience makes you feel a part of it through out.

While we are at it, I can’t even think of a single person who didn’t do justice to his or her role. Each and every performer was such a delight to watch because they portrayed their character to perfection be it the young and vivacious Aini or the shy and reserved Raja or the fruit vendor at the bazaar.

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Also the Railway station scene, the methodological turning on of the lampposts and the firing during the British Raj was phenomenal, personal favorites if I may add.

To cut the story short, this one play is something that you won’t want to miss and I would definitely say that you need to get your tickets to this one for sure. You are going to thank me later for saying this because you are in for an absolute joy ride of a little over 1 hour where you would be experiencing emotions so strong and real that you are going to laugh like a maniac in one moment and get sad to the point of crying the next. Hats off to the whole cast and team of KopyKat productions for keeping good theater alive besides all the set backs. This one takes a whooping 5 stars from me and do I still need to say TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!


  • Picture Credits : Spring Media Bubble


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