Lahore Music Meet ’18 – Where Pakistan Plays as One

When they call Lahore as the cultural hub of Pakistan , there is a very strong reason behind it . Home to many historical places to the birth place of our movie industry , this city has always been a key contributor to the cultural heritage of the Country . In these times, when we are running short of chances our talent needs to bring themselves forward , Lahore Music Meet is such initiative that is giving the rightful stage to both our upcoming talent as well as the patrons of our music industry to come together under one roof and give their best to all the music enthusiasts out there .

Natasha Noorani & Zahra Paracha

Marking their 4th edition , Lahore music meet ’18 was arranged by none other than the founders Natasha Noorani and Zahra Paracha at the Alhmara Arts and Culture Center , Lahore . While the people of Lahore gathered to listen to their favorite artists , one of the main attractions were the educational seminars featuring a variety of discussions on music and relevant topics such as; Violin Masterclass & Dastangoi’, ‘Synth Masterclass: The Analogue Aesthetic in a Digital World’,‘Depth of Field: Capturing Moment’s in Music’, ‘Shaping Soundscapes’ along with workshops, masterclasses and storytelling sessions with renowned musicians. Sessions featured Attaullah Esakhelvi, Saeen Zahoor, Khalid Malik, Mobeen Ansari, Mandana Zaidi, Sanwal Esakhelvi, Shahzad Noor, Amr Kashmiri and Javed Iqbal among many others.

The best part of this 2 day event was no doubt the part where it was open to public with

Attaullah Esakhelvi

free access to all the happenings around the cultural complex . Anyone could listen to the performers or the educational talks being conducted indoors as they pleased . It was a delight to see such a crowd at both days at all the performances that lead us to believe that new generation needs such healthy activities and interactions to keep their passions going . While the music enthusiasts where in for a treat to listen to performers from all across the country , it made our heart swell to see how every artist was so well received and no matter if they sang in Urdu , Punjabi , Saraiki or rapped in Sindhi , the audience swayed in delight which definitely shows that music has no boundaries and language .



Among the performing artists , Ataulla Esakhelvi , Akhtar Channal , Abid Brohi , Pepsi Battle  of the bands ‘7 winner Kashmir , Mauj , Sikadar ka Mandar and Shorbanoor were something we personally enjoyed a lot . Mauj , being our adulthood favorite ,was given a priority of course and while they played their track Awaz, we knew many of the 90’s kids would be nostalgic at that time .

Being enthusiast myself , I can safely say that Lahore music meet is an amazing venture that I personally look forward to every year. One platform where you can have fun , enjoy music according to your own taste and even learn from the music matrons is one of its kind

Abid Brohi

for sure . If you have missed it this year , I sincerely hope that you don’t next time , because its an amazing feeling listing to those people live , in front of you , with whom you have been singing along through your headphones. Many congratulations to the team behind LMM’18 for bringing this music fest to us 4th year in a row , we are already hoping to see the next LMM !



  • Picture Credits : Lotus Client Management & PR


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