Maan Jao Naa – Muscially done right

Lately , Pakistani cinema has been on an uninterrupted streak of making  movies that don’t even leave you a margin of finding anything good in them no matter how hard you try . This has left me with no expectations whatsoever that whenever I go out to watch a Pakistani movie I enter the cinema with no hopes and thoughts at all. So, we got a new flick  Maan Jao Naa released recently with all new faces and today’s post is all about that .

Maan Jao Naa is a story of love and friendship that explores the thinking of the new generation and how they learn by making some grave mistakes in their journey of self exploration. The story revolves around 4 friends and how their relations evolve with time . Starring Irani -Mumbai Based Model turned actress Elnaaz Norouzi against Adeel chaudry as the leads, it was definitely a break from seeing the same faces on big screen repetitively .

Norouzi was a delight to watch on the big screen and looked absolutely gorgeous wherever she was meant to be. She stood out from the whole lot for sure and in some scenes she portrayed the emotions too aptly to be felt across the screen. Adeel Chaudry too did justice with hic character and didn’t come off as someone who was trying too hard to be taken as a HERO . The supporting actors as Hajra Yameen and Ayaz Samoo were downright annoying and tried too hard to make that forced humor sound even remotely funny. However , Naeem Haque as Gujji -the villain was such a disappointment the very moment he showed up on the screen. Unable to portray anything from love to anger , with his interminable hmms  and always being red eyed didn’t  add one bit to his character whatsoever ( so glad his role was short).Nayyer Ejaz and Ali Gul Pir in their cameos were such a delight to watch and to be honest I waited the whole movie to see Ali Gul Pir’s charchter showing up again , absolutely loved them both.

It won’t be unjustified to say that forte of the movie has to be its music. The vivid and colorful opening song Rung Laga is a visual treat on the big screen while Dil Besabra has that old school  emotional feel to it that would make you fall in love with its sadness immediately. The cinematography of the movie is actually done beautifully, the songs are well shot and every character gets a good screen time. One thing that is actually executed well is the story and character development throughout the movie. I really like how they have worked on each character to put out its story as to how and why they are a certain way . They don’t leave it to the wild imagination of the audience to keep guessing why someone did anything in the first place . Someone please give a cookie to them for this ! This movie is certainly not flawless and you will feel bored at some point (second half to be precise ) but its a good watch nonetheless given the disasters we have been through lately . I would give a 2.5/5 and would be recommending it to everyone who is looking for a light hearted comedy and some kickass music which is a cinematic treat . If you are someone who can’t tolerate minor glitches and a little drag story line at times which is somewhat predictable too, you should rather pass the idea of watching it .



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