How much inspired is your Lawn Ensemble this season?

All over the globe there are 4 seasons spring ,summer, winter and autumn ,while in Pakistan,summer is replaced by a new season named as LAWN season. For those who might not know, Lawn is a very fine,breezy cloth that is a favorite all over the country to combat the scorching heat in summers . Now fashion is important and since 8 months here in Pakistan its summer, the Lawn fabric evolved too. Each year we see some amazing designs, unique patterns, exotic combinations and finest embellishments that adorn our lawn outfits. But do you know some of those amazing prints and out of the box ideas are actually INSPIRED by artists all over the globe? Yes many of the designs each year are taken from years old art pieces ,paintings and of course our all time favorite Pinterest. Don’t believe us? Ok, no problem because we have some really amazing pictures from this year’s Lawn collections that might make you rethink!


First up is our all time favorite Cross stitch because they always bring some ethnic feel to their collections that we all are drawn to, but this year they kind of got a bit too much carried away with getting inspired and we are not that much a fan !

Left : Mughal Floral Miniature for 34.99 ; Right : Cross Stitch Lawn 2018 ROYAL SERENITY
Left: Lithography, Daises and Strawberries by Anton Seder 1890 ; Right : Cross Stitch Lawn 2018 NOVEL VISTA
Left : Lily and Violet from Etude De Fleurs by Riom , 1890 ; Right : Cross Stitch lawn 2018 MINT VERVE








If you search out the Lithography, Daises and Strawberries by Anton Seder 1890 you would see a  Crysanthemum Fragaria written just under the whole design , and our luxury designer didn’t even bother to just alter it a bit, not even a teeny -tiny bit, because its all about ORIGINALITY !







Left: Lithography, Daises and Strawberries by Anton Seder 1890 ; Right : Asifa&Nabeel SS18 Chapter: 1 – Scrolls

Looks like this is the year of being inspired from the same artists! May be a little cross check wouldn’t hurt ? Just like cross stitch ,Asifa & Nabeel got their design from Anton Seder’s Lithography, Daises and Strawberries. But I gotta give it to them , at least they bothered enough to crop the signature out of the print , Good Job guys !




Left : Rahul Mishra 2016 ; Right : Asifa&Nabeel SS18 Chapter: 10 – The Last of Lyrics

Also another cringe worthy image appeared on the front of shirt from the same collection that was taken from Rahul Mishra’s ensemble back from 2016. I mean why would you put a pair of cranes feeding on an earth worm , WHY ?!! May be we could have easily skipped the earth worm or just do well with one crane right there , after all it was supposed to be an inspiration , not blatant plagiarism of original designs !



Left : Pintrest ; Right : Alkaram Moriya 2018

Alkaram studios has always been a household name when it comes quality fabric and a variety of ranges to cater the masses rather than focusing on the luxury side of the summer wear .This season the creative team at Alkaram decided to take it to Pinterest to get their inspiration from and VIOLA ! here you have it . Alkaram , why you do that !!!?




Left : Pinterest Image ; Right : Sapphire Lawn 2018 Vol 1 (High Contrast)

With Khadija Shah leaving the sapphire and Mahgul and Kamiar Rokni taking over as creative heads of the brand , the excitement level this year was high because we expected to see that creative flare in the designs . But to our utter dismay , sapphire jumped the Pintrest  bandwagon too and here we have it from them .*sighs *




5. ELAN :

Who else stayed up till midnight to get those Elan Jorras pre-booked ? You while the Elan

Left : Met Society ; Right : ELan Lawn ss18 – EL 06B ( Vera Cruz)

Madness continues across the country and these designs selling like hot cakes , an people paying premium over their desired ensembles like there is no tomorrow, here is a little side by side picture to show where that inspiration came from ! taking right off the Met Society , this design might not be a copy right image , but to turn it into your ensemble and calling it your own design , not cool bruh !



These were a couple of images from this season’s lawn collections by much acclaimed designers and brands who just missed the point that there is a hell lot of difference in being INSPIRED and blatant copying of a design.  We hold no grudge or have any intention to hurt a brand’s name but this increasing trend of plagiarism is something we aren’t too happy with .

Also , we are really grateful to the amazing people behind Secret Buyer Pakistan for letting use their images and the hard work they have put in.Putting out this disclaimer because we believe in giving credit where its due (IFYWIM) .

Hit us up if you know some other designs that were inspired too ,we would love to feature them !


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