Hum showcase 2018- Top 5 Collections for the season

Just one year old HUM SHOWCASE is something that I personally enjoy following through all three days just because the freshness of ideas in high-street fashion and also the models that it brings is something that gives you a different idea of how a fashion week should be done. This year, hum showcase held from 28th-30th March 2018 in Karachi was something that really blew us away, not only for its highs but some of very disappointing lows as well. While it being clearly a Pret, Couture and high street fashion show, many of the designers still missed the point and confused it with a bridal week while some gave us an overdose of colors and others sought refuge in the diversity of religions. All due respect to everyone’s perspective but we hand picked a few of the collections that totally stood out just because of the beauty of their own in cuts, designs and prints. Here are our top 5 collections from the ramp that we loved.

1. Chapter 2 by Khaddi :
Even though a retail brand, chapter 2 by Khaddi has blown us away with their unique play on solids and textures with edgy western cuts and minimal designs. No heavy embellishments, no over dosage of florals just plain solids crafted to perfection! Someone give khaddi a cookie.

2. Zaheer Abbas :
One guy that never fails to amaze us with his craft of telling a whole story though his clothes. He knows how to set a theme and how to transition within it. Rebirth by Zaheer Abbas started off with the feels of Victorian era with those ruffled white tops all the way to sleek floor length gowns adorned with with minimal hand worked skirts that took our heart straight away. To top off the whole theme, the models flaunted fluttery colored lashes with minimal makeup that made the whole collection take the lime light.
3. Munib Nawaz :
Mainly focusing on men’s fashion, munib nawaz played with a variety of colors and cuts to give that edgy look that caters to the taste of modern man who still want to look a class apart. The finely tailored suits in hues of blue and grey were a total win for us, just wish they had put on shirts under those phenomenal coats on the models because knee length coats on shirtless men doesn’t make much sense to us at least.

4. Zonia Anwaar :
Can’t recall even a single time this beauty showcased a collection and we didn’t love it to bits. How do you do that lady!! Her collection “Verso” focusing mainly on western cuts incorporated into block solids gave a taste of everything we want in a spring/summer collection. Ranging from middie skirts to flared pants to ruffled tops, each piece was uniquely crafted and very much wearable even off the ramp!

Flight of the BulBul came as a surprise with unique silhouettes, handcrafted accessories and perfect pairing of Eastern and western cuts which actually looked good. The pop of color on a solid white canvas was a total delight and we loved the custom accessories that they had put in to make the whole ensemble standout. Playing with easy cuts and prints, Mahgul really outdid her self with this collection

That’s it from our side to bring you our favorites hot off the ramp of Hum Showcase 2018.  Did you have any favorites that’s didn’t make it to our list? Do let us know !


*Picture credits : Faisal Farooqi


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