Khaadi goes Limited Edition with their new Luxury Collection!

With the temperature going uphill every passing day and all our wardrobes turning more into a collection of all the lawn collections out their, I highly doubt there would be anyone across the country who doesn’t own a Khaadi outfit.

Khaadi being a household name in Pakistan now shows how successfully the brand has been able to seep into our lives as a wardrobe staple with its ethnic prints and multitude of colors to choose from. Ranging from a basic printed outfit to a luxuriously embroidered chiffon ensembles, khaadi has made sure to cater to the needs of the masses, both in fabric and pret wear.

With achieving milestones every year, they have come out with an exclusive limited edition luxury collection for the season that is going to cater to the women who enjoy wearing the exclusive outfits that fit in their budget too.

The limited edition luxury collection by Khaadi ranges from Pkr 3,900/- upto

20,000/- , with multiple options in each price tag. The collection features staple fabrics as lawn and chiffon and also luxury ones as silk and cotton net to appeal to the likings of every woman out there. Keeping up with their tradition, they have taken inspiration from various cultural motifs of Pakistan, making it more ethnic and relatable that our eyes automatically draw to. The color pallette this season is to die for, because khaadi has finally given us the variety to venture into much cooler tones for summer as compared to their previous collections that usually leaned towards deeper hues. You get to choose from mints and blues to beiges and deeper reds. The fabric quality and the finesse of the embroideries by Khaadi needs no introduction because these are the things you can trust them about with your eyes closed.

All in all, the new Limited Edition Luxury Collection by Khaadi this year is an absolute delight for the people who love wearing exclusively designed Luxury outfits without breaking their banks. The collection is available nationwide at all Khaadi outlets and also online at their official WEBSITE


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