Some people totally make us believe in “they Came, they saw, they conquered”  One of such people in our entertainment industry is Maya Ali, who stole the hearts of the nation with her first look in Ik Nayi Cinderella and then with her fiery performance in Aun Zara. With some huge projects and unforgettable roles already in the bag, Maya Ali has finally ventured into movies and what better debut can we ask for than the upcoming Teefa In Trouble . We sat down for a quick chat with her regarding her role and some exclusive insights about the movie, and here is what she said :

1. The Maya Ali we know from Aun Zara to Man Mayal to Dayar e Dil to Latest Sanam is either a bubbly vivacious one or a girl next door. Should we expect a different role by you in Teefa in Trouble?

Yes of course, I’m sure by now everyone has seen my character Anya from the trailer and songs, so it’s actually a totally different character to what I have played before.

2. Why did you chose Teefa in Trouble as your debut movie?

I couldn’t have asked for a better launch in the film industry than this one, I had so many reasons to say yes. Ali Zafar, Sir Ahsan Rahim, Strong story and the rest of the cast, were one of the main reasons to choose Teefa in Trouble.

3. How different do you find working in movies as compared to TV? 

Working in movies is very different compared to TV as the acting required by both mediums is totally different.

04. Will we be seeing you on TV again or its a start of your cinematic journey?

Yes definitely I will be back, if I get a good script and director you will be seeing me on TV again.

5. The trailer is amazing, the music is foot tapping but what concerns us is the story since that’s what we lack lately in our movies. Do you think you have a strong narrative and execuion of the ideas to make it a successful movie? 

Thank you for appreciating the trailer and music. I have total faith in Ali and Sir Ahsan Rahim. Sir Ahsan Rahim knows exactly uwhat he wants from an actor and he knows how to put a story together. So I believe that they have executed their ideas in a very good way, which you will get to watch very soon.

6. One reason why we should go to cinema and watch Teefa inTrouble?

Because It’s a proper entertaining film that you can totally watch with your family.



With Maya Ali quite hopeful for her upcoming movie, we can’t wait to see why she doesn’t want to do an Item Number though? Keep watching this space as we bring you an exclusive interview with Ali Zafar soon!


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