Parwaaz Hai Junoon – Riding High on Emotions (Review)

A Little late to the eid movie fiesta, that happened this Eid ul Adha with 3 mega budget movies releasing simultaneously and to our surprise, all of them holding up pretty well, that is if you call their 5 consecutive shows being sold out on 3rd weekend and getting ticket for next day, then yeah pretty well.So finally we got the chance to watch Parwaaz hai Junoon and after our emotions being all over the place, finally we are jotting down how it is.

The story revolves around Sanniya (Haniya Amir), Hamza (Hamza Ali Abbasi) and Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) who are a part of the Pakistan airforce. As the story unfolds you get to know as to how and why a timid girl like Sanniya ends up in Airforce Acedemy with her past and present being tied up in a beautiful narrative that shows the life at the Acedemy, the bond of friends and family, love and honour.

First thing that I want to get off my chest ASAP is that Haniya Amir is such a pleasant surprise in the movie. You walk in the cinema with a mind set that this is either of the male lead’s movie and boom, its Haniya thats it all about. Given her dainty built and soft features, you are surprised by what a delight she is to watch on the big screen. She owns her role completely and how beautifully she transitions from a pampered, scared American National to a patriotic Fighter pilot is amazing. Not in any moment you can see any of the other characters overshadowing her in any way.

Hamza Ali Abbasi as Squadron leader Hamza Ali Haider is head strong, faithful and a dedicated pilot ready to sacrifice his all on his motherland and I don’t know who else would have played it better. His persona and aura is perfect for the role and his passion is actually felt across the screen.

However, Ahad Raza Mir as Cadet Saad isn’t that convincing as he should be as the haughty guy who comes from an Airforce family and feels like he owns it all. Many times he actually falls flat and doesn’t deliver the way it needed. Being a debutante, we won’t say it was the best but since the movie doing so good on box office, is a good start for his career on the silver screen.

Shaz Ali Khan and Kubra Khan look amazing together and definitely make a nice appearance here and there. Kubra khan definitely delivers in what limited time she got and portrays the Army wife character beautifully. Rest of the supporting cast does well on their behalf and I liked how they help to balance out the whole narrative and tie it all down.

The movie being shot in the exquisite Islamabad hills, Murree , Lahore and Northern Areas is absolutely breathtaking, making it a whole Pakistani experience, adding up to the patriotic basis of the movie. The air borne shots are beautiful and well coordinated but still there is a whole lot of room to improve the graphics as they look too crude at times. The first half of the movie moves with the speed of a roller coaster going downhill and keeps you at the edge of the seat. However, the second half gets a bit dragged by the end which could have been crisp and well edited.

The music of the movie is beautiful, fresh and diverse that fits all the moods so well. From the feisty wedding number “Naache Re” to the mystic “Bulleya”, the tunes are a treat to your audio-visual senses and have a total repeat value. Even in the movie, as background scores, the songs looks beautiful and perfectly shot.

All in all, Parwaaz Hai Junoon is the movie that brings you all the elements of patriotism, love, family and friendship. I advice you to make your heart strong and keep an extra pair of tissue papers because this is one hell of an emotional ride with highs and lows that are definitely make you shed a tear or two. Go watch it with your family and friends and trust me when I say you’ll leave the Cinema with a reignited love for your country, a passion for forces and a reminiscent tinge of pain of all the goodbyes you had to say.



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