3 months into 2019 and still we have nothing significant going up on cinema which is pretty disappointing for people like us who basically live on movies on the weekends. Anyhow, finally we have an ice breaker “Laal Kabootar”, which we happened to watch earlier and we are happy about it!

Laal Kabootar is a Karachi based story that brings the slums and the posh together as unfortunate events unfold. The story starts off as Aliya (Mansha Pasha) has to go through a sudden trauma that makes her seek help from Adeel (Ahmed Ali Akbar) who is a small time rookie and has only one dream of going to Dubai. How they both end up in bigger troubles than they had anticipated and how they manage to get away is what Lal Kabootar is about.

One thing is for sure, Laal Kabootar marks the beginning of a new era of Pakistani Cinema without a doubt. The 90 minute movie is shot in such a captivating way that you have no margin to miss even a second. Usually a genre like crime thriller is very hard to grasp and portray on screen that holds the audience on their places and engage them well, but we are glad that Kamal Khan did that so well that even a fidgety person like me was glued to the screen the whole time. There is a certain feel to the whole movie that is never too happy, never too bright, just a middle ground of murkiness. Laal Kabootar aims to show the face of Karachi like never before and kudos to the team on successfully doing so. Its going to make you cringe, leave you in shock and send shivers down your spine but you can’t help but love it.
Speaking of performances, Ahmed Ali Akbar as Adeel and Mansha Pasha as Aliya are just perfect for their roles. Not for once their roles are unbelievable rather it seems these roles were crafted specifically for them both. The supporting cast especially the Police Officer will make you cringe so bad you might want to walk away but you know it is what it is.
All in all, its a movie that’s worth spending your money on the cinema ticket (and those mix  popcorn if you are like me) . If you have enjoyed crime thriller genre on netflix, its the one for you. No unnecessary scenes, nothing over the top, just plain old streets of Karachi and the life that happens there. One thing is for sure, you are either going to love the grimness of the movie or not, there is no middle ground for anyone walking out of the cinema and we are pleased to be of the lot that left the cinema happy!
Do we recommend it? Yes, totally highly recommended.


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