Jewellery has always been a fundamental part of fashion in every era. No matter how immaculately you are dressed, jewellery just adds to the final touches of the whole outfit and elevates it to another level. Initially confined to women fashion, jewellery has found its way to men’s fashion slowly but strongly and now considered an important part of it. With various men’s jewellery dedicated brands popping up, today on our radar is a Barcelona based brand “DUEROS

About the Brand :

DUEROS is the brainchild of Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane who came together to celebrate their multiple ethinc origins and combined love for travelling across the globe. Taking its origin from greek “DU” stands for Two, the co founding duo behind the brand and “EROS” for the greek god of love, depicting the love and thought that goes behind each piece in the collection.

The Vision :

The vision behind the brand is to celebrate love for the world by using strong symbology that many can relate to. With their project titles #duerosaroundtheworld, DUEROS celebrates the beautiful landmarks from all around the globe with pictures sent by customers and friends of all races and countries. This all inclusive vision of the brand makes it very special and close to the hearts of many.

DUEROS products are all handcrafted to perfection in Rhodium plated Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Plated and 18K Gold by artisans from the culturally rich lands of Jaipur, Rajhistan that is famous for its crafting jewels for the royals of the Mughal era.


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