“Dare To Be You” – A book to a better You

During the quarantine period, people have finally been able to sit down with themselves and have questioned their life choices, lifestyles and sometimes their self worth. In tremulous times like these, almost everyone is unsure of one thing or the other making them prone to just spiral down into their own minds. Reading has always been held a great source to nurture your mind while diverting it from negative thoughts and what is better to grab a book that empowers your mind and helps you grow as a person and human.

Recently, I came across “Dare to be You” by Shahzad Malik, that happens to be Pakistan’s first ever self help book and to be honest its a breath of fresh air in all the fiction and factual writings we come across.

Shahzad Malik himself is a young entrepreneur. A well determined mind is the first step to your growth & Malik has touched upon this point in great detail, guiding the reader through various aspects of growth, lightly brushing through different theories of self development and enlightenment that many would find relatable to their scenarios.
The fluidity of words and the ease with which Malik makes his way through the book is absolutely admirable, making reader fall in love with the simplicity of emotions portrayed that helps them connect to the writer on a very personal level. Whatever your circumstances or struggles be, this book definitely helps you to gain perspective and in my opinion, that is a purpose duly accomplished.

Author Shahzad Malik

Being Malik’s first book, you would be surprised to see the hold on his thoughts and his way of translating them into words. However, there is always a room for more and we would definitely be looking forward to more books to come from Malik, that are more uplifting and helpful.


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