Setting the precedents right : Imtisal Zafar on completing 15 years in Event Management Industry

A decade is a long time, and if we go back a decade in terms of social media marketing and Event Management industry in Pakistan, it turns out to be in a very initial stages. What is important at such stage is taking an initiative, that may look unprofitable and misunderstood at the time, definitely bears fruit with time. Imtisal Zafar is a well known name in Event Management industry now but that was not always the case.

Team Verve Events with Ali Zafar & Ahmed Ali Butt

Starting more than a decade back in a country like Pakistan where only a few event management agencies were working, it seems like a very bold move but that’s how precedents are set right. Now after all these years, with his vision and will to work hard, Verve Event Management is one of the top agencies in the country.While talking to Zafar about his journey he mentioned it wasn’t an easy path to take. Like every other profession, this comes with a fair share of its own problems but there is nothing that couldn’t be handled. Its an industry that requires a lot of patience along with hard work and quick wits.

PSL closing ceremony 2017

Verve Event Management was behind the closing ceremony of PSL 2017, which was a sight to behold with its extravagant stage setting and performances.

Imtisal Zafar is a multi talented man with various interests. His love for music led him to organize one of the biggest EDM festivals in Pakistan by the name of WIRED, where international performers alongside artists from all over the country perform and is a delight for all the music lovers. The detailed front stages to massive audience areas, Wired is something that is looked forward to by everyone.

larger than life setup at Wired

Recently, he also ventured into promoting local artists to the whole world through his Digital art platform “Pakistan Art forum”. Zafar is proud to call it one of its kind, digital Art platform of the country and regards it as his passion project, something that he feels and connects to deeply. This free market place allows artists from the whole country to connect to potential clients from all over the globe, giving them the much needed exposure that every artist desires.

Pakistan Art Forum Display

Young, talented and passionate – this is how we define Zafar, who has set a very positive precedent for the youth that if you put your mind into something, next must be perseverance and a positive mindset that success takes its time. We are so glad to have young multi talented people around us who are an asset to the industry and to the country.


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