I remember the times when there were dedicated music shows on the TV where we got to listen the top 10 of the week and man that was some awesome music we grew up listening. Sadly, with time, instead of growing, the music industry became smaller with just a couple of well known people and no new singles or albums coming up. Same goes for the live music, with little to no concerts and gigs happening, its really becoming a sad affair by the day.

However, to revive the live music and to make it a thing once again, acclaimed musician Mekaal Hassan & Origami entertainment solutions came together to bring KOBLUMPI music festival to Lahore after a very long time and the city of love, lights and life made it a success for sure!

The stage was set at The farm, Lahore on 22nd December for the first ever ticketed Music Festival and the turnout was amazing. With food stalls and various attractions for the kids, this made it a perfect weekend outing for the whole family to enjoy together. An amazing lineup of about 16 Bands and musicians was brought together from across the country who played their best tunes that the audience loved. Starting off with Arsalan Hassan and later followed by Madlock, Haris Saeed, Luke William, Sikander Ka Mandar, Poor Rich Boy to name a few, it won’t be an understatement to say that they legit set the whole mood. The festival ended with a firey performance by none other than Ali Noor, who performed on his still unreleased songs, making it an even more exclusive event for those who attended.

I would say it was actually a day well spent and well enjoyed. The arrangements, the environment and the music were all spot on. People came in with families and friends which shows that they really want to have such healthy activities happening and people are actually willing to pay for tickets to go to music festivals. All credit goes to Mekaal Hassan, Origami and Lotus PR for arranging such well organised, fun filled festival that would surely help in the revival of the live music culture once again and we will be able to listen to live music more often.


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