“The Optimist” state of Mind – the House of Kamiar Rokni celebrates 20 years in Fashion Industry with Solo Show

When we talk about Pakistan’s fashion industry, the conversation is never complete till the mention of The house of Kamiar Rokni. Being set up two decades back, the house of Kamiar Rokni has always stood out for its vivid color choices, extravagant silhouettes and unconventional workmanship.

With CoVid crippling the world and depriving it of any social interaction, fashion industry suffered because nothing can replace the joy of presenting your creations to the audience in person. Now as the cases decline and everyone is finding their way back to the new normal, The House of Kamiar Rokni held a Solo show in Lahore to celebrate 20 years of immaculately designed outfits that always leave the audience in awe of the craftsmanship.

In the heart of Lahore, on a warm winter afternoon, we were welcomed to a homely venue where every seat was a front row. It felt nice to finally get to meet the fashion fraternity together at one place after a long hiatus of social distancing.

And of course it goes without saying that the fashion presentation was a delight to see. The House of Kamiar Rokni presented their latest collection “The Optimist” and we feel the name was very apt for the occasion. Ranging from bold cuts to adding color bursts in bridal silhouettes, the whole collection has something for everyone. We, obviously had our favorites even though it was hard to pick and choose among the immaculate design experience.

It was indeed a breath of fresh air to finally being back to fashion presentations and shows in person because the experience just hits you differently.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to The House of Kamiar Rokni for hosting such an amazing show and designing a beautiful “Optimist” collection that gives us hope of a better and brighter days ahead.


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