To put art before the eyes of consumers Samsung Pakistan showcased The Frame in an Art Soiree on the 7th of Oct 2022, Friday. The Frame was exhibited for everyone which left the attendees mesmerized.

Samsung Pakistan has always been known for its remarkable electronics which add value to your lifestyle. It specializes in a wide variety of consumer and industrial electronics. With its unique product line, Samsung has now launched its new TV, The Frame which, as they say, ‘TV when it’s on, Art when its off’.

For consumers, technology can break barriers and change how art is consumed. The Frame is the latest in Samsung’s launch of lifestyle TVs, curated with an artful approach meant to elevate any room or viewing environment. Based on the new innovative technology, The Frame looks like a photo frame on a wall when its ‘Art Mode’ is on allowing you to transform your home into an art gallery. Instead of fading to black like a conventional TV, the Lifestyle TV’s display transforms into a work of art, letting the users select custom-designed digital art pieces from The Frame.

It has 1600+ original artworks of world’s famous artists in their library which the users can display. The artworks include paintings like Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Grand Odalisque and much more. Its matte finish feature gives it a similar look to any painting hung on the wall. No matter how many lights are turned on, the antiglare will give it a matte canvas look as of a painting.

The Soiree was attended by notable art enthusiasts like Hasnain Lehri, Nimra Khan, Roshanay Afridi, Neha Taseer and Natalia. They were all stunned by the elegance and artsy look of The Frame. The Frame’s display brought new life to the event and gave people an unmatchable art viewing experience which spiked curiosity and left people in utter wonder.


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