Its been a while that we have got to watch something, be it movie, drama or a theatre play that kept us at the edge of our seats through out the runtime and to be honest we weren’t expecting anything like that to come out anytime soon until we watched Blood Brothers just recently at Alhamra Arts Council , Lahore.

Directed by the uber talented Dawar Lashari, this musical adaption of Willey Russell’s original musical Blood brothers revolves around the tale of twins separated at birth and kept far from each other until life brings them back to each other as friends only to stand against each other in love later.

Dawar Lashari needs no praise to prove his comand on perfectly directing plays that keep the audience engaged till the very end. From conception till execution, Blood Brothers is definitely one of the finest play we have seen till date without a doubt. Even though the whole cast did a fabulous job in keeping us hooked to the narrative at all times, some of them totally stole the show and our hearts with their spectacular performances and energy levels. Ian Eldred and Abdullah Ghazanfar as the brothers, Iman Shahid as their birth mother, Rasti Farooq as Linda and Omar Cheema as the drug dealer friend, were just truly a treat to watch on stage. The cast was totally in synch with each other and the smoothness with which the whole play moved is commendable. One of the best things about theatre plays is the feeling of raw emotions just across the stage with no retakes & no second chances and this play did exactly that. The narration of the story by Waleed Zaidi was totally on point and set the mood right for every event that unfold in the story. Iman Shahid needs a special mention as she her presence ‚and her vocals through the songs sung live on stage during performance gave us goose bumps many times, such a strong and soulful voice is hard to come by these days.

All I have to say is that this is one play you must watch with your friends or family or just by yourself if you want to indulge in one of a kinds theatrical experience. The storyline, the performances, the sets and the ambiance, this play checks every box in the list of what makes a fine play. “Blood Brothers” is still on stage till 10th March at Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore, playing daily at 7 pm. You guys better not miss this one.


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