Films have always been a source of entertainment and when they raise a behavioral question in any society, they create an impact. When a film propagates an idea in a subtle way keeping its elements of entertainment intact, it has the potential to be called great. Ghabrana Nahi Hai attempts to be the same.

This Eid, post two years of locked-down Eids when cinemas remained closed, brought in 5 mentionable films and GNH was considered one of the biggies among them. It was my second choice (based on Theatrical Trailers) after Dum Mastam (that I have already reviewed –READ REVIEW HERE), and it made me a satisfied customer, a Paissa Wasool entertainer.
This film in its core educates our somewhat backward society about gender equality. Majority (almost 100%) of our aging fathers, unfortunately, without a “male issue” tend to make great compromises if they have young daughters at home. It was a touching situation and although the narrative didn’t focus only on this plot-point, it told many to make our daughters strong enough to claim their right of an equal citizen in the country. It also speaks loudly about “Qabza Mafia” that loot our weaker segments of society and how they are deprived of their life-long possessions. The state that is meant to be at their side, unfortunately stands against them and that is the main focus of the film.

Saqib Khan, the first-time film director delivers and delivers unapologetically, and I give him brownie points for giving us a good film. Husnain Shamim, the editor, on the other hand could have done a better job as the film, at points, loses its pace and could have been given a finer edit. All technical crew has done a good job with the only exception of Music. Music and songs being an integral part of our kind of cinema plays a big role. So if a film fails to deliver on that, it is always felt.

Ghabrana Nahi Hai

This film has written SABA QAMAR, SABA QAMAR & SABA QAMAR all over it. In GNH, she proves that she’s at the top of her game and being a talented woman, she is worthy enough to be the sole Protagonist of a major feature film. I specifically mentioned her gender because in our Urdu/Hindi films we normally associate our Hero to be a male but here, being a non-female oriented subject, Saba Qamar stole the show. Thanks to the Production & Casting team for bringing this change.

Ghabrana Nahi Hai

Another equally potent performance came from Nayyar Ijaz, the antagonist that matches up to our Heroine (Saba Qamar) in each frame, even exceeding her in some. I am yet to see a film where he hasn’t delivered. His mannerism and his voice makes him the best supporting actor of our times. He’s that “cute” negative force in the film that you fall in love with and only he can make you feel for him even after seeing his heinous crimes his character does all along the narrative, a bravo performance.

Ghabrana Nahi Hai

This is the first film where Zahid Ahmad is the lead man and he has proven to be a fine addition to our very small list of Film-Heroes. He is confident, looked great, performed as desired and on the right path to become the next big thing for our cinema . Syed Jibran is another pillar that this film stands on. His has a good comic timing and he performed in accordance of the the story requirements. Saleem Miraj has also performed well in his cameo.

I would specially like to mention Sohail Ahmad, one of the best and versatile our country has produced, gave yet another heart-touching performance but his role was a bit limited and left some “dil mange more” feeling. And lastly Afzal Khan-our Rambo, once a leading man of our 90’s attempt of true revival of cinema, was a bit wasted. He has a strong cinematic appearance and who can challenge his comic timing but he was too side-lined in the film. He should get more meaty roles (be it of supporting kind) but screen loves him and he must be given chances to win our hearts back.

Ghabrana Nahi Hai

Overall this is a film that stands on a good narrative, good plot-points, subtly gives us a perspective of gender equality and aptly points out the social injustices that “qabza groups” have created in our society. The biggest flaw, if you have to point out is it’s weak music & a little slower pace in some portions. But still GNH is a good watch. The writing department full-filled the art of “film-writing” theoretically and gave us an entertaining film with a couple of hiccups here and there.

I would rate this one 4/5, it had the potential to become an all-time great if it wasn’t for the the weak music . This film will easily achieve a 150-180 Millions as its lifetime business and has the potential to hold its place even after Eid mela.

*Guest post by Ali TanveerAuthor has a major interest in movies as business as well as movies as the art. He reviews films based on their script value and market potential


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