So like every year, the most prestigious (don’t know why) Award show, the LUX STYLE AWARDS just took place in – *drumrolls* Karachi – again! Yes because there are only 2 places in whole Pakistan either its Karachi or, once in a blue moon, Lahore. Rest of the Pakistan isn’t for Lux Style Awards (good for your guys, seriously you ain’t missing anything, been there done that!)

Anyhow this year it was a bit different because ever since the nominations came out, there were alot of people stepping up and down from their nominations and calling out the platform for associating it someone who was under court trials and all that, and after a very not so well thought out explanation extended by the platform it only made things worse for them. But it was going to happen and it did, not that it affects any of our lives, but oh well.
See the thing is, I am a very very VERY average Pakistani who spends a very long time going through social media just to kill time and dreads fashion events /shows because the overflow of repetitive images and videos of the event but still keep on scrolling, you get me right? Right. So last night the Lux style Awards 2019 happened and I have a couple of things to say, no I am not biased and no the heat hasn’t gotten to my head either. Just an average viewer extending her two cents, yeah?

The Red carpet Looks and L- Ewwwww-ks:

Year after year after year I have gone through the red carpet looks of the events in hopes to see our media industry knocking some sense into themselves and start dressing better. No seriously, don’t take me wrong but why aren’t we over frilly princess gowns yet? Like why aren’t sleek and chic dresses a thing yet? Oh and well ironed & well fitted too. Just saying you know, you don’t have to agree. Here are a couple of best and worst dressed from the red carpet for us :

The DO’s of an Award Show Red carpet
The DONTs of an Award Show Red Carpet

The Stage and the Psychedelic Background :

I have a notion that award shows are meant to be like serious business. Its supposed to be an exuberant yet a prestigious affair where the winners actually feel like they have won something of a standing. Looking at the stage set last night all I could think was why its so small, even the dance floors on weddings these days are bigger. May be its just me but it didn’t have that air of grandiosity that give us a larger than life experience. On the top of that, don’t get me started on the crazy backgrounds amidst the performances, I mean who did that? Putting up pictures of people dancing while the performers are already on stage, pictures of jewellery and what not, seriously? Give a neutral backdrop that brings out your performances so people focus on them more,how hard is that? Right now watching the videos I have seriously sought my painkillers, all thanks to that overbearing background choices and the performances too!


The performances that should and shouldn’t have been done!

The one thing everyone looks forward to in an awards show are the live performances be it songs, dances or even the fun segments, everyone enjoys them the most. However this year all of us were in for major disappointments, with a few good performances like by Atif Aslam and of course Meera, rest of them made no sense at all.

Before you come for me and call me a hater, have a look at them for yourself:

They tried to make it cute yet bad ass but ended up looking a joke. Who told Momina Mustehsan she can dance, I demand my 60 seconds back! I kept on waiting that now its going to go upbeat but no, the bland, uncoordinated, monotonous movements continue with an equally bland number that makes no sense.
Also have a look at the performances by Maya Ali and Mehwish Hayat. No idea how the act comes together and makes sense? From the wardrobe to song to the dancers to the background,nothing.


Coming to the actual reason why all this fiasco was put together. The awards nominees and the winners were as unenthusiastic as we were. Yup multiple nominations of the same person in the same category and others too, makes it look like apart from a few dramas/ films nothing happened the whole year. For instance Suno Chanda, a Hum TV drama that aired last Ramzan has it nominations in every other category and of course they were bound to get awards, like duuuhhh *eye roll*.

The Proposal :

Ummm yeah that, crazy right? So one of our IT couples of the industry finally come out and he proposed her right in front of whole industry, awwwwww how cute, right? NO! WRONG! I mean it was fine until the proposal but come on man what with the excessive show of affection right there? Can we keep it for sometime later, a bit more personal. A peck on the cheek or hand or forehead would have done the job you see, what the point of going all over.

BUT we have something else we got to show you and the theory, the conspiracy, the TEA is they were already engaged and wearing engagement bands even on the red carpet, WHATTTT?? !! Stop making us look like dumbasses who would be going awwwww on every Freaking thing you do. Just STOP!


What’s an award show without an after show. Every year after the show ends, we get to see alot of venting on social media be it whom the award went to, or something inappropriate happened during the performances or may be a concept that got translated wrong, the tea gets hotter after the actual event.
This year we have such cases two. Attaching both statements right here for you guys to read and judge or whatever you want to because we kind of agree with these ladies, ye we do!

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