Teefa In Trouble – Worth your Money ? (Review)


The way Pakistani film industry is churning out bad movies , you serious can’t blame us for repeatedly saying the same stuff that needs to be worked on and next movies comes out with it again . The previous Eid has been a disaster that left us in a state that we couldn’t even gather our thoughts let alone pen them down. Anyhow, after a little break and non-holiday release TEEFA IN TROUBLE had been pretty much in news lately (for obvious reasons) and looked promising too, so we stepped out and watched it. Here is how it goes:

The story revolves around Teefa (Ali Zafar) who is a small time thug born and raised in the streets of Lahore and works for Butt Sahb (Mehmood Aslam) . In an attempt to abduct Anya (Maya Ali) to be married off to Butt Sahb’s son, he sends Teefa, his most trusted worker to Poland. During the abduction how Teefa and Anya fall for each other and how it all falls apart is all what the story is about.

I would say they idea may be cliché, but the executions has been brilliant. The movie has all the elements of action, comedy, romance and some beautiful songs that I downloaded sitting in the cinema. The action sequences, though a bit too many, are absolutely well time and amazingly done .The fact that it is done unlike our regular sound effects and ketchup blood is totally worth a watch. You might find a lot of similarities with Prince of Persia and Matrix, and if you are a fan of these both, you are in for a treat!

For the comedy, its an absolute delight, especially if you know or speak Punjabi and even more if you hail from Lahore! its funny , its timely and it makes you laugh ( most important) . The script has been brilliantly written and even better performed . I love how every character was so perfectly adapted and played so well that you wouldn’t believe if they say they don’t speak Punjabi as their first language! The songs are beautifully shot and have a definite repeat value. “ITEM NUMBER” is going to be playing at every other wedding for sure ,”CHAN VE” and “SAJNA DOOR” are there to give you those teeny tiny butterflies in your stomach every time you hear them . A special mention to the dream sequence in Sajna Door will take your breath away to see them dancing on the water (spoiler).

If I say Ali Zafar shines through and through, it won’t be an exaggeration. This is HIS movie and he makes you believe it. Maya Ali is a delight to watch on the big screen, though I won’t say it was her best performance yet but still it was good. Mehmood Aslam, Jawed Sheikh, Nayyar Ijaz were brilliant as usual, no point talking about that.

Since there is always a little room for improvement everywhere, this is not an exception. First off, who was Maya Ali’s makeup artist! I mean please she looked oil slick in close ups and those heavily kohl rimmed eyes that weren’t even neat! Please don’t make such atrocious mistakes when you know the persons face will be so much zoomed in!


Also a 3 hour movie when it could easily have been a little over 2 hours. There was a lot of room for a crisper editing that would have made it better. Unnecessarily long action sequences and too many slow motions, even though look great but still make you bored enough by the end of it to leave the seat before it ends.

Still it’s a great addition to Pakistani Cinema rather a saving grace of the year! It has all the elements that would make you go buy the ticket and even make you happy about it too . A beautifully shot , well executed and fun movie that you can actually watch with your family and friends .



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